Port Property’s Bayside Development Plan

In October 2022 Port Property Management Company purchased the extensive Bayside real estate portfolio previously held by Tom Toye. These parcels include commercial properties, including the building rented by the City of Portland to house the Oxford Street Shelter; multiple surface parking lots; and the Bayside Community Garden. No housing was included in this transaction. Several private homes abut the purchased properties.

This development will be a massive undertaking which has the potential to transform the Bayside neighborhood. The BNA will be following all aspects of the plan closely; engaging with the developer, the City, and neighborhood stakeholders; and sharing information as the project progresses.

Important links, media articles, and associated information will be posted on this page.


Port Properties has submitted a Master Development Plan to the city. When documents are uploaded they will be available to view on the City’s Citizen Self Service Portal, found here. The plan number is PL-002315-2022.

Media Coverage

A document containing links to media coverage of Port Property’s development plans may be found here.

History: the Vision for Bayside in 2000

In 2000 the City adopted as an official part of its Comprehensive Plan A New Vision for Bayside, a roadmap for redeveloping Bayside. Take a look at Book 1: The Plan and Book 2: Implementation to see Bayside’s future as envisioned twenty-two years ago.