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Bayside Neighborhood Association
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Portland, ME 04104

2 thoughts on “Contact the BNA

  1. Sarah Michniewicz

    Hi Jason, thanks for your message and for your interest in beautifying Bayside!

    That fence is part of the scrapyard and the mural was painted by a youth group a few years ago, organized by the City of Portland’s neighborhood prosecutor in coordination with Portland High School teachers as a beautification/anti-graffiti initiative.

    I’ve reached out to the neighborhood prosecutor and am sending you an email from with additional information.


  2. Jason McDonald

    Hello, I’m a artist and bayside resident living in Pearl place I want to ask who own or did the names on the colored fence in Lancaster and chestnut. I want to propose a new mural on that fence that brings new life to it and my neighbors and my children!! Thank you, Jason McDonald

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