Bayside Neighborhood

Bounded by Forest Avenue, I-295, Congress Street, and Franklin Street, Bayside is walkable to Portland’s downtown, the beach, the working waterfront, and the Back Cove, yet has its own distinct identity and independent spirit.

Historically the neighborhood has been home to warehouses, scrapyards, manufacturing, small businesses, and immigrant communities and families that go back generations.

Bayside today is home to a vibrant mix of young and old; families and singles; long-time residents and new Mainers from around the globe; social services, businesses, schools, and offices; large chain grocery stores and small locally owned restaurants.

After a century of discriminatory zoning and urban renewal practices, the west side has recently seen the arrival of new businesses and housing. The east side struggles to rebuild its housing stock, infrastructure, and tree canopy. There are unique opportunities in Bayside for community investment, growth, and placemaking, and challenges in preserving its affordability and identity.

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