Bayside Neighborhood Association (BNA)

The Bayside Neighborhood Association (BNA) represents all those with a vested interest in the Bayside neighborhood. Our members are made up of residents, property owners, businesses, and organizations. We welcome anyone who lives, works, or owns property in Bayside to become involved. Please visit our News & Events Page for more information on upcoming events.

About the BNA

Monthly Board meetings are held the first Tuesday of the month at 6 p.m. in the community room at 24 Stone Street in Unity Village.  Check the BNA Facebook page for month-to-month changes of time or location.  These meetings are always open to the public and we encourage new friends to attend. This is a great way to find out all that is going on in Bayside. Reports from all the subcommittees are given regularly. All are welcome!  

The BNA also produces The Baysider, a quarterly community newspaper and manages the Bayside Community Garden on Chestnut Street in Bayside. We have special meetings and host forums as the need arises to to discuss issues impacting our neighborhood.  Read the latest edition of The Baysider, BNA’s community newspaper! 

Mission Statement

The Bayside Neighborhood Association (BNA) brings members of the Bayside community together. BNA brings conversations about Bayside to Bayside and to the greater community in a way that organizes, informs, and empowers residents, social service and other organizations, local businesses, and city representatives to form meaningful and long-term partnerships. BNA preserves and promotes safety, multi-cultural diversity, housing, and carefully planned social, economic, and physical development in this unique urban community.

BeeProjectLogoColorPortland Pollinator Partnership is hosted by the Bayside Neighborhood Association, a nonprofit community advocacy group. Wild bees and other insects are as crucial to maintaining our flowers, vegetables, and plants as traditional honeybees.  Planting appropriate pollinator and insect-friendly vegetation has many benefits to Portland’s ecology. Newly formed in April, 2014, we seek to partner with other Portland area residents, businesses, and  organizations. We hope you will join us in exploring ways to enhance our natural environment for the benefit of all. Learn more here.

2015-2016 Board

Sarah Michniewicz, President
Laura Cannon, Vice President
Colette Bouchard, Secretary
Stephanie Scherer, Treasurer
Cindy Bachelder (Community Member)
Mike Bachelder (Community Member)
Dennis Ferrante (Community Member)
Tina Flaherty (Preble Street Resource Center)
Steve Hirshon (Community Member)
Charles Kaufmann (Community Member)
Sean Kerwin (Community Member)
Alex Landry (Community Member)
Susan McCloskey (Community Member)
Debbie Salgado (Community Member)
Ron Spinella (Community Member)
Rob Sylvain (Community Member)
Deborah Van Hoewyk (Community Member)



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