Welcome to Bayside!

The Bayside Neighborhood Association (BNA) represents all those with a vested interest in the Bayside neighborhood. Our members are made up of residents, property owners, businesses, and organizations. We welcome anyone who lives, works, or owns property in Bayside to become involved. Please visit our News & Events Page for more information on upcoming events.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Bayside!

  1. Sarah Michniewicz

    Hi Mike, Thank you for so much for reaching out and sharing your concerns. We appreciate your support on this important topic. I would like to talk further with you about your experiences. Please email Sarah at bnaportland@gmail.com and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I check that email more regularly than this one. I look forward to hearing from you! ~Sarah

  2. Mike Ray

    Greetings Sarah and Adam: may i introduce myself? I live in Bayside – and it is wished to express that I have heard that the Preble street resource center wants to create a 40 bed so called wellness center at 5 preble street. And that this will be a low barrier shelter – while the city wants to make the oxford street shelter into a medium barrier shelter. I have heard that in general Bayside is against the creation of a new shelter in Bayside. I wish to express I am also totally opposed to the creation of another shelter in Bayside – especially a low barrier shelter.

    For starters if Preble street wants to open a 40 bed shelter – they tag it the wellness center. I am not opposed to a high barrier CLEAN shelter – as in no drugs or drunks and must pass certain record or checked standards.

    Though, as my land lord and the property owners and business owners are preferring. No 2nd shelter in Bayside.
    All of the immegrant families have children. Local long time residents and every one else, new arrivals or Portlander natives, we all have had it with the drugs every where, buying and selling of drugs. Outsiders coming to Bayside to hang out all day and sell drugs. The vice, the drugs, the puking every where, open defecation and urinating every where. Needles and trash every where, loitering and vagrantcy and open prostitution every where.
    I agree with Bayside – its time for it to be cleaned up and the mess to stop.

    Thank you

  3. Sarah Michniewicz

    Hi Adam, I’m SO sorry I missed this months ago:( I don’t check this often, but feel free to email me directly at bnaportland@gmail.com or message the BNA on Facebook. I did bring this up at the last BNA meeting and as far as anyone could recall the income restrictions applied to the first purchasers only. If you have different information we’d be happy to discuss it at an upcoming meeting. The property was recently granted a historical conservation easement by Portland Greater Landmarks, as you may know. The next meeting is July 7 at 6 PM via Zoom. Please email me if you would like a link to the meeting.

  4. Adam Hill


    I was wondering why the house at 63 Myrtle st, the one that the BNA moved years ago has been sold with no income restrictions.
    I helped get this project done with Tom Blackburn and am now disappointed that the spirt of the project has now been tainted by greedy real estate, bottom feeding brokers, the current owners, known as the Murphy team.
    I would like assistance confronting and challenging them to sell their property to a low income family, as originally intended.

    Adam Hill

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