Welcome to Bayside!

Mission Statement

The Bayside Neighborhood Association (BNA) brings members of the Bayside community together. BNA brings conversations about Bayside to Bayside and to the greater community in a way that organizes, informs, and empowers residents; social service and other organizations; local businesses; and city representatives to form meaningful and long-term partnerships. BNA preserves and promotes safety, multi-cultural diversity, housing, and carefully planned social, economic, and physical development in this unique urban community.

The Bayside Neighborhood Association (BNA) represents all those with a vested interest in the Bayside neighborhood. Our board of directors and membership includes residents, property owners, businesses, and organizations.We welcome anyone who lives, works, or owns property in Bayside to become involved. Please visit our Facebook Page for more news and upcoming events.

Board Officers

  • Sarah Michniewicz, President
  • Robert Sylvain, Vice President
  • Colette Bouchard, Secretary
  • Jim Hall, Treasurer

General Board Members

  • Amy Geren
  • Alex Landry
  • Susan McCloskey
  • Scott Morrison
  • Heidi Souerwine
  • Deb Van Hoewyk

Ex Officio Board Members

Portland Downtown

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