Bayside Community Garden Policies 2022

Welcome to the The Bayside Community Garden

The Bayside Community Garden (BCG) is a project of the Bayside Neighborhood Association (BNA), a 501(c)(3) non profit advocating for the West Bayside neighborhood, which is bounded by Marginal Way, Forest Ave, Congress Street, and Franklin Street. The BCG is located at 78 Chestnut Street on a privately owned parcel that has been temporarily made available for the BNA’s use as a community garden. The mission of the BCG includes increased food security for lower income Bayside residents, especially new Mainers, and Bayside residents are prioritized in renting plots and are put at the top of the waitlist.

As a true community garden all gardeners are expected to participate in maintaining both their own plots and common areas, under direction of the garden coordinator and in accordance with garden policies. Volunteer opportunities range from mowing the grass to serving on the steering committee, and many rewarding tasks in between.

The goal of the garden policies is to ensure the BCG enhances the Bayside neighborhood and provides a well-managed and inviting green space for all who use and visit it.

Planting Schedule

June 1 – Plots must be cleared and initial planting completed.
June 15 – Planting for first crops must be complete.
July 1 – A plot must show that it has been consistently maintained.
November 1 – All plots must be cleaned out and shut down for winter.

General Polices

Specific garden maintenance schedules and volunteer roles will be determined and assigned by the garden coordinator or operations manager.

  • If a plot appears abandoned by July 1, the fee will be forfeited and the plot will be offered to the next person on the waitlist
  • All plots must be consistently maintained for the remainder of the season and closed down appropriately for the off-season.
  • Plantings, structures and signage must be kept within assigned plots.
  • Common areas including plot perimeters outside of the physical box must be consistently trimmed and maintained as directed by the garden operations manager and garden coordinator.
  • General garden signage must be approved by the garden coordinator.
  • COVID safety protocols must be adhered to as directed by the garden coordinator and will remain in effect as required by the CDC and City of Portland mandates.
  • Any found hypodermic syringes must be disposed of by calling the Oxford Street Shelter neighbor line (207) 482-5214.
  • The garden is open to everyone to visit and enjoy. Illegal or disruptive activity is not allowed.
  • Be as kind, welcoming, and respectful of others as you are of the plants you tend 🙂